Book Review: Monsters in the Movies

I LOVE this book !  Monsters in the Movies is a gorgeous hardback tome by horror film director John Landis (who made American Werewolf in London , only the best werewolf movie of all time.) This was a belated birthday gift from my big bro who has always found my love of monster movies and horror, charming if not a little bemusing ;)

monsters in the movies- John Landis (2)

This has got to be one of the most exuberantly fun horror books I’ve ever laid my hands on. It’s split into sections, for the various kinds of ‘Monsters’ Landis has categorized; along with the traditional werewolves, ghosts and vampires, there are also Atomic Mutations, dragons and dinosaurs, as well as witches, killer dolls and psychopathic ‘Human Monsters’.

The monster carry

The ‘Monster Carry’ a well-worn horror trope. Man, I think this would make an amazing repeating pattern. Can I have this on a dress please?

I would seriously buy this book for the pictures alone, (it’s gonna keep me inspired with reference images for years).

Always loved this make up job- this is Tim Curry in  the movie Legend

Always loved this make up job- this is Tim Curry in the movie Legend

But it’s also worth it for Landis’ pithy comments that accompany them, and the great little interviews with his horror director contemporaries Dante, Cronenberg, Raimi, Carpenter and Del Torro as well as insights from some of the great effects makers, Rick Baker and Ray Harryhausen and an interview with Dracula himself Christopher Lee.

Del toro interview

It’s books like this that sometimes make me think I missed my calling. I’d loved to have worked in horror special effects and creature creating. Perhaps in another life?

Best inside cover pages ever?

Best inside cover pages ever?

You can find this book on Amazon here: Monsters in the Movies

Mini Hoop Art Sale

Calling Pug Lovers, Chi-Chi fanciers and Robot Romantics! I’m having a wee embroidery hoop art sale of my miniature hoops right now.   – check out my mini hoop sale click here.  mini embroidery hoop art by cherry&cinnamon Each of these hoops measures 4 inches in diameter and as you can see they come with their own little organza gift bag so they are perfect for giving- and are ready to hang on the wall. They are sewn closed at the back with coordinating felt, and are selling now for the special price of £15.50.  See the sale here.  3 mini hoops for sale I’m making space for some new patterns and products coming soon. So now’s your chance to give one of these little guys a loving home. You can find these hoops and the embroidery patterns they come from here:

Exhibiting at the Saturday Souk Belfast

I’m selling embroidery hoop-art and handmade gifts at the ‘Saturday Souk‘ (formerly the Fashion Souk) on Saturday 5th April 2014 (10.30-4pm). The Saturday Souk is an artisan fashion and craft event based in Belfast’s Spires Shopping Mall and happens regularly on the first Saturday of the month.

cherry and cinnamon custom fabric pincushionsLook! New Alice in Wonderland fabric pincushion - and friends!

I’ve been busy stitching up some new pincushions featuring my own fabric designs. I’ve been using my own fabric as a background too on this new one of a kind embroidered wall art piece featuring stitched lyrics and my rainbow-drop fabric. Inspired by April showers- of course!

Stitched Lyrics- Here comes the rain again

The Saturday Souk takes over the centre of the Spires Mall with Vintage and Pre-loved Fashions, and now with an added ‘Maker’s Mews’ section the Souk is better than ever with artists, designers and crafters selling and demonstrating their work ! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to show off my wares! If you’re in Belfast come along and say HI!

For details for the event on Facebook click here.

Love Fool – New Spring Embroidery Pattern

My newest embroidery pattern for spring is very personal , my Robot Rabbit first appeared in a comic strip I once drew about new love after heartbreak , inspired by my favourite robots and a cherished card from the Tarot deck; The Fool, who follows his heart and steps off a cliff into the unknown.


* Because sometimes you fall and sometimes you fly- adventure begins with the first step.*  

LOVE FOOL - Spring embroidery pattern


A perfect project for celebrating spring, new starts, and following your heart. Stitch it up for someone you love, or as a reminder to yourself to be brave.

LOVE FOOL- Embroidery Pattern

I used crayon tinting and black thread outlines to create my version, staying true to this image’s comic book origin! I’ve included some tips for crayon tinting in the pattern. The pattern also includes a suggested colour guide for a coloured floss version. You can stitch it up what ever way you like.

LOVE FOOL PATTERN -Suggested colour guide

Supplied as a PDF pattern document the pattern comes complete with tips on stitching and crayon tinting, and some simple user instructions. The given size fits a  7″ or 8″ hoop or like me you could frame it in a 6″ square.
The pattern is available in my Etsy shop and on Kitschy Digitals now.Just follow the links or Click on the button below to see it in the shop—->

Pink Parisienne Portrait Commission

This year began with a private portrait commission from chic and cheerful Céline in Paris.Pink portrait_ cherry and cinnamonPink is her favourite colour so she wanted that incorporated into her portrait and she asked for it to be stitched in my graphic satin-stitch style.

Stitch detail- emrboidery portrait by cherry and cinnamon

From the reference photos submitted, and I chose one I felt best reflected Céline’s character and pretty face and she chose the final cropping/composition. I wanted Céline’s sweetness to shine through, as the portrait was commissioned as a gift for my client’s mother, a lovely reminder of her daughter in the big city.

Celine Portrait - hand embroidery by cherry and cinnamon

I finished off the framing by ribbon wrapping the hoop, in keeping with the sheen of the satin stitch and continuing the pink right out of the picture. I hope her mom was happy with the result. And here’s Céline herself giving the portrait the thumbs up! Yay!

Celine and her portrait by cherry and cinnamon


I’m always open to enquiries about private commissions. If you have an idea for something you’d like me to create especially for you email 

Blue Velvet – #Draw Lynch

I adore the #Draw Lynch theme on James Howard’s ‘The Mooks’ Tumblr. It’s rare that I have the excuse to draw something just for fun so this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out my Photoshop ‘pencils’.

Blue Velvet Wallpaper - David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini

The sketch is based on Helmut Newton’s wonderful photos taken around the time of Blue Velvet in which Lynch directed Rossellini. (Hence the all blue version below. I’m curious, which version do you like best?)

Blue Velvet- David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini

I also submitted to the #DrawLynch tumblr some of my Twin Peaks artwork that formed the basis of some fabric designs and of course, my embroidered portrait of Audrey Horne so look out for those too! The theme runs til the end of February -click here- to check out the amazing Lynchian work on display!

Valentine Exhibition – Space CRAFT Belfast

I recently submitted work to the Space CRAFT  Valentine exhibition, a showcase of  local contemporary Craft, Applied Art and Design products made love in mind.  I was honoured to be included and it’s my first time exhibiting in Belfast with the Craft and Design Collective.

Valentine Exhibition at Space Craft Belfast

Tin Man embroidery- just one of my Love themed pieces

Tin Man embroidery- just one of my Love themed pieces

This is perfect opportunity to pick up an alternative love token. Here are just some of the highlights that stood out for me:

A McCullough Alderdice-Love vessels

A McCullough Alderdice-Love vessels from Relatively Ceramics

Karen Gibson ceramics -Butterflies

Karen Gibson ceramics -Butterflies

And I do love these hearts, check out more of them on Jemma’s website:

Jemma Millen-Ceramic Heart

Jemma Millen-Ceramic Heart

I enjoy a bit of snark, and these paintings about cats kinda spoke to me. And I love the bouquet of recycled flowers made of waste paper chocolate wrappers – there’s could be a lot of double meaning there!

Sue Cathcart -Cats

Sue Cathcart -Your Cat does not love you I & II

Sarah Fleming- Recycled Roses Bouquet

Sarah Fleming- Recycled Roses Bouquet

There are lots of unusual Jewelry in the exhibit too, well worth seeing in person. The exhibition runs until  Saturday 22 Feb 2014 (Mon to Sat 10.30am to 5.30pm) and all the works on show are for sale. Based in College Street in Central Belfast, the Space CRAFT shop is also full great finds and gems made local craft and design professionals.  It’s worth the effort to go up that escalator!

You can find Space CRAFT at 9B, The Fountain Centre,College Street, Belfast.

Frankenstein Valentine – Embroidery Pattern

Who said Romance is Dead?! It makes me sad that things don’t go to plan for the poor monster and his bride in the movie. I thought they deserved to have their ‘moment’. (They were ‘made for each other’, after all.)

Frankenstein Valentine - New embroidery pattern from cherry and cinnamon

This pattern is now available in my etsy shop, just in time for Valentines day. I also think it would make a great engagement, wedding or anniversary gift for the quirky couple in your life. (Or Halloween decoration – if that’s your pleasure!)

Frankenstein Valentine - crayon tinting wip

I’m proud of the finished version which uses tinting and nods to my comic book roots. I’m so excited that it’s currently on show as part of the alternative Valentine’s exhibition in Craft Gallery/Shop Space Craft in Belfast. It’s my first time exhibiting with them so Hurray!!! Woo hoo! (They have my Tin Man and Rabbit Heart hoop art on show!) I can’t wait to see the rest of the exhibition.  Here’s a link to the facebook page for the event ; Valentines at Space Craft until 22 Feb 2014

Frankenstein Valentine  at SpaceCraft

You can find out all about the pattern here: Frankenstein Valentine Pattern on Etsy
And of course I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments below :-)

Illustration- Self Portraits

I’ve been busy stitching since the start of 2014 and soon I’ll be able to reveal what I’ve been working on. In the meantime I wanted to share my illustrated self portraits with you. They’ve previously featured on my ‘About me‘ page and as an illustrator I felt a self-portrait illustration rather than a photo was kinda appropriate. It’s been a while since I’ve done one (I lost my hair mojo last year) but I think it might be time for a new one soon…

Bridgeen cherryandcinnamon- self portrait illustration pixie crop

I create these illustrations by digitally drawing over my own photographs with a Wacom tablet. I use Illustrator for drawing, it gives me a nice clean line that I try to mimic a brush pen with and has the added benefit of being vector art, and therefore scale-able.

Bridgeen-cherry and cinnamon - self portrait illustration Black hair

The colour and backgrounds I add in Photoshop, using a combination of techniques; block colour (‘flats’), hand painted details and shading, and an additional textured layer as a background. I like to sample colours from the original photos they are based on as a starting point too.

CherryandCinnamon self portraits

Note the two very different colour ways – influenced by my hair colour in both cases. During my ash blonde pixie crop phase I wore a lot of pale greenish blues and greys, while my dark ‘Amelie’ bob called for stronger colours and really popped against yellow. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about branding and image, I may be due an overhaul! I have very copper-red hair now, so I can move between these palettes, and it’s making me want to change the colour of everything, including my blog!

embroidered self portrait and business cards- cherry and cinnamon

I’m a bit bored of this portrait now, and of all the pale blues and greys. I used it for branding on business cards and I even embroidered it for an exhibition but  NOW I think it’s time for a new me.

Back to the 90′s – As if!

I confess, I’m a little bit 90′s obsessed and recently I was lucky enough to participate in a private embroidery swap which allowed me to indulge my 90′s nostalgia while making something my swap partner would hopefully get a kick out of.

Paul Rudd- Clueless portrait- 90s nostalgia

I hope you’ll recognise this guy as Paul Rudd, (or Josh,  Cher’s love interest in 90′s movie classic Clueless). I wanted to give the impression of a denim jacket patch or a drawing you might pin-up in your locker. Real heart-throb doodling in the back of your exercise book stuff , lol.

Clueless Paul Rudd- detail

I opted to use a post Clueless pic of the actor though, as I was worried he wouldn’t be distinct enough in this small piece- (where I was hoping hair and general demeanour would tell you who this is) the piece is only 5.5 x7.5 inches tall.

Look how complicated this  little piece is- those shadows where a head wreck!

Lots of complicated little shadows – dark areas marked with an ‘X’ comic inker style

I figured the pink back ground and Cher’s retort of choice “As If!” would clearly nod towards the movie.

As if DETAIL - clueless

My swap partner is a fellow stitcher I’ve been a fan of for some time, Jessica Kelly of Paper Stitch fame. And if you’d like to see what I got in return you can head on over HERE to see what she made me .