Slow Craft: Paper pieced hexagon shoulder bag

firefly-bag cherryandcinnamon

So for no other reason than fun, and the love of these left over scraps of oriental fabric, I’ve challenged myself to make a little bag out of hexagons. It’s going to be super simple with a fold over envelope flap, and felt for lining. I’m thinking of it as my ‘Firefly’ bag, (it wouldn’t look out of place among Kaylee’s belongings.) It won’t be fancy, but it will be completely sewn by hand, and no one else will have one like it.

Paper pieced hexagon bag w.i.p

I started this project way back in Oct 2011 (you can see why I call it my ‘Slow Craft Project) because I wanted to make something with these beautiful oriental fabric left overs from the quilt my mum made me. I used the hexagons as a unit of size and built up the bag in a very simple envelope fashion, and backed it with felt to add stiffness and structure. Now all I have left to do is finish stitching the felt to the shoulder strap , and attach the strap to the bag and add a front fastener. Something tells me it might be a while….

Paper pieced hexagons

I really love working with hexagons because the paper keeps them stiff and holds the shape, perfect for a novice sewist like me. And since my design and illustration work done behind a desk and computer screen, I much prefer to sew by hand when I do. When I’m sewing with hexagons I can sit and watch TV and my little stack grows next to me. Then you can just add them together in any shape you want, and something lovely always comes out of the randomness. I like this act of ‘adding’, like making a bead necklace; it’s very simple and satisfying. I can see now why some people find patchwork and quilting therapeutic.

oriental_hexie_close up





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3 thoughts on “Slow Craft: Paper pieced hexagon shoulder bag

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  2. I just found you gorgeous bag, I’m looking for ideas for a hexie bumbag as carrying over the shoulder bags is painful (fibromyalgia). I think your bag could be adapted to suit my purpose. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Hey Jan, thanks so much for your comment. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, but its great that this bag has inspired you towards a solution! :-) Would love to see what you make when its finished! b.x

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