Holy Batgirl Embroidery !

I often come up with my embroidery designs in pairs, so this is the sister stitchery to the Catwoman I showed you just over a week ago.
I agonised over whether or not to fill in the mask, so I left it to last, but I’m really pleased with the finished result. Again this little beauty is just 3 inches in diameter. (Sold)

I like how the purple glitter ribbon echoes her mask!

TWIN PEAKS: Double R Diner & Cherry Pie fabrics available now

I’m pleased to announce my latest Twin Peaks fabrics are now available through Spoonflower. Inspired by the Double R Diner and Coop’s love of Cherry Pie, you can see the complete range here: Twin Peaks Inspired fabrics by Cherry and Cinnamon
They feature the Double R Diner logo on coffee cups, cherry pie slices:

And proving that Cherry pie isn’t always cute one fabric features cherry pie with a mysterious splatter, is that pie spill or something else? I also made a cherry pie filling fabric- a little less obvious and a lot more sinister, for those who like their Twin Peaks creepy!
I’d just like to thank my Twin Peaks quilter Jess for spurring me on, and for all of you out there who got excited by these designs: I wanna see those 50’s dresses!!!! Seriously though, I can’t wait to see what you make!