New Alice Embroidery Patterns

I’m so excited to finally unveil my Alice in Wonderland embroidery patterns, featuring Alice, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. So far I’ve only had time to stitch up a sample of Alice but I’m itching to stitch them all.

Guess who?

Alice in Wonderland Pattern Set – Now available in my Etsy Shop

I wanted my versions of these well-known characters to be recognisable, but also a little different to how you’ve seen them before. In my copy of Through the looking-glass Alice has short hair, and looks like a little war-time evacuee. The illustrations in my copy are by Harry Rountree  and I’ve no idea why they are not more famous than they are, his work is absolutely beautiful. I like his much better than the ubiquitous John Tenniel illustrations.

I also wanted my Alice to have dark hair, like American McGee’s gothic Alice. Her curled up pose is inspired by her shrinking and growing episodes, I wanted her to look like she was cramped inside or ready to burst out of the embroidery hoop!

Alice in Wonderland Pattern Set – Now available in my Etsy Shop

I wanted the characters personalities to show through as much as they could. So the Cat I made creepy cute (as he often is), and the Rabbit is sweet  but  has the worried look of someone being chased ! My friend managed to convince me to share my preliminary sketches for these designs here so you could see what they looked like before I digitally inked them to create the pattern for sale.  Also you might notice the rabbit has changed a bit in the final design, as I wanted him in a pose that worked better within the circular frame of the embroidery hoop.

my original sketches for the embroidery designs

 Alice in Wonderland Embroidery patterns are now available in my Etsy Shop

Alice embroidery patterns on Etsy

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