More Mermaids

I’ve been busy stitching up more samples of my Mermaid Pattern Set:-

Lonely Mermaid

Lonely Mermaid, on pale blue polka dot

I wanted to try using a coloured background to hint at the sea. It’s always a challenge to make the thread colours stand out over coloured fabric, and I think this piece just managed to, although the effect is a delicate one.
Embroidery Pattern Available here : Mermaids embroidery pattern set on Etsy

Pearl Diving Mermaid

Well Hello Sailor! – Pearl diving mermaid pattern

This mermaid is more contrasty and I wanted her to really pop out with the lettering. I used three colours for her hair , a light, a medium and a dark tone and I LOVE how it turned out. She’s probably the most versatile pattern in the set, as she is ‘swimming’ and can be stitched facing in any direction on shower curtains, skirts, what ever you like! I added the text  ‘Hello Sailor’ (not part of the pattern) to personalise this hoop. Don’t fancy stitching yourself?  The finished hoop of this little lady is for sale in my Etsy shop. <= Click Here

Close up of mermaid hair

Embroidery Pattern Available here: Mermaids Embroidery Pattern Set on Etsy

5 thoughts on “More Mermaids

  1. I am loving your embroidery work! These mermaid designs remind me a little of Molly Kiely’s saucy mermaids (although they don’t seem to be on her website anymore).

  2. Whoops, sorry. I just realised that I typed ‘mermaids’ when I meant to say ‘cowgirls’. She has a bit of a thing for cowgirls. :) Glad you like her stuff though!

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