In search of Ruby Slippers

I did it! I made a felt appliqué hoop art piece using my Wizard of Oz Pattern!

I knew that I wanted to make this the minute I saw the pattern printed in the larger size.  I opted for a 7inch hoop to give the design more space, and couldn’t help adding in the magic words “there’s no place like home”.

Embroidery pattern available here:

It’s funny, Im not a massive Oz fan but there are certain things that really resonate with me. One of those things are the Ruby Slippers.

My red shoe collection ;-)

I’ve been on my own quest for those magic red shoes forever!  Currently I own 4 pairs, but many more pairs have come and gone because I buy them based on looks and then discover I can’t walk in them/they don’t fit well.

This is my favourite pair I can’t walk in. A treasured gift from a treasured friend.

And these are my favourite pair that I can ;-)

So I guess its no surprise that the glittery red slippers should be meaningful to me. Yes, they appeal to the glamour puss magpie in me. But I wonder if I subconsciously I always wanted magic shoes that could take me home?  And being back home, it’s certainly a perk having my boyfriend drive me to the beach to take photos ;-)

7 thoughts on “In search of Ruby Slippers

  1. Oh… I can’t even….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I used to watch a little bit of Oz before school every morning ya know, lol this makes me wanna go watch it right now! :) it’s just beautiful, B!

  2. Aw Louise! You nutter ;-)I never knew you used to watch Wizard of Oz every day before school, that’s properly obsessive! Glad you like it. And thanks for encouraging me to tackle the Oz theme ;-)

  3. wizard of oz is my absolute favorite movie, im actually working on five embroidery/ needlework pieces with woz as the theme, im so jealous of your drawing skills and embroidery skills!

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