Rabbit Heart & Lion Heart embroidery pattern

My new embroidery pattern set is inspired by a song and contains 2 large (8in) patterns that are related but kinda opposites. So, you know that big hit by Florence and the Machine, Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) ? Course you do, it’s an amazing song, full of symbolism – a gift, a sacrifice, courage, and going down the rabbit hole. (“Is this the right pill to take?“) The lyrics of this song are so inspiring they’ve always conjured strong images in my head, particularly of the innocent rabbit heart who must gather her strength, “If only I could just be brave…I must become a Lion Hearted Girl ” both being inspired by the same song.

Rabbit heart embroidery wip

I’ve been experimenting with filling stitches. This is the close up of a heart detail, with any luck if you squint at it you just might find this heart reminiscent of a little animal?

collar-detail-rabbit heart-cherryandcinnamon

And this is my favourite part, I decided to try out a new stitch here on the collar. This is a Roman Stitch, and it gives such a nice texture. I’ll be looking for an excuse to use this one again!

I haven’t stitched up a sample of the Lion Hearted Girl, but you can see what she looks like above.  She’s just a little inspired by one of my female heroes Kate Bush, who had her own Lion Heart persona ;-)

The pattern set consists of a five-page easy-to-trace PDF, complete with tips and some simple user instructions. Included are these 2 Large original embroidery patterns (along with their reverse versions) designed to fit 8″ hoops at their current size. You can find it, and my other embroidery patterns here www.etsy.com/shop/Bridgeen

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these designs. And if you do purchase the pattern, I’d love to see your versions!

10 thoughts on “Rabbit Heart & Lion Heart embroidery pattern

  1. So beautiful! I already told you how much I loved the Lion Hearted Girl, and I knew ‘Rabbit’ was gonna be just as gorgeous…. but seeing her stitched up like this……. just beautiful! I want them… I want them hanging on my wall so I can look at them everyday :) Plus…. saying as you are a t-shirt lover…. wouldn’t they work as t-shirt motifs???


  2. ACK! You’re killing me! I love these – absolutely love them both (and I also love Florence and Kate). I’m buying them, but you should see my ever-growing “To Be Embroidered” pile of designs… eek! ;)

  3. Thanks Louise, I can’t wait to see your Etsy shop! Can’t wait to see you stitch up some of my designs either ;-) Maybe they could work on t-shirts? Embroidered or just printed? What do you think….hmmmmm

  4. Lauren, you are such a doll. I’m thrilled that you’re a fan of these designs. I’m off to process your Etsy purchase right now! Glad that the Florence and Kate references hit home for you. This isn’t the first time ms Bush has inspired me. I once made a mini comic based on the song Rocket’s tail, strange but true!

  5. Hi there. I’d like to present you with One Lovely Blog Award. I’ll be announcing this in a post on Monday (including info on what to do next if you’re not familiar with the process) xx

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