Molly Ringwald: Embroidery portrait

Another Teen Queen for the series. Can you guess who? The diamond earring might be significant   ;-)

So who is she? Only one of the most famous red heads of all time! During my recent John Hughes Movie Marathon, I re-discovered The Breakfast Club. To my surprise it’s much better than I remembered, with great performances.  This is Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish , posh rich bitch who’s not as she seems. The whole movie is about turning teenage stereotypes on their heads. About how (to quote George Michael )sometimes the clothes do not make the man.

I was very pleased to discover ms Ringwald on twitter , she’s funny and kind , down to earth and accessible.  Proof that teen idols are be real people too ;-)

7 thoughts on “Molly Ringwald: Embroidery portrait

  1. hi bridgeen love the blog about the red shoes ,also loved your picture in them on the stairs,used to have a thing about red shoes myself as a teenager had a few pair also had flat ones i wore to work.

  2. Hi Bridgeen, left a comment on your blog dont know if done it right so here goes love the one about the red shoes, had athing about them myself as a teenager,had quite afew pair my self even flat ones for going to my work, it might be a gene thing what do think? love Mum.

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