Kaylee Frye: embroidery portrait

So, I’ve finally ‘graduated’ from high school. (Bet you didn’t think it was possible ;-)) This character is from another one of my all time favourite (cancelled) shows.  Whose smiley eyes are these?

This was actually the hardest portrait so far, because of this little lady’s dainty features. She’s a cutie pie alright. So let’s review the clues:
‘Smiler’ -check.
Oriental background – check.
Pink hoop frame -check.
Faint hint of blush on the cheeks -check
She is the girliest Tom-Boy you’re ever gonna meet, Dohn-ma?

May I present, Kaylee Frye (Jewel Staite) from Joss Whedon’s Sci-fi classic Firefly. What do you think? Ain’t she Shiny?

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      1. I really liked the image, but was not familiar with the reference. I do love me some sci fi. Do you recommend Firefly?

      2. Totally recommend firefly, such a shame that it was cut after only 14 episodes. It seems like there was so much there just waiting to unfurl. It was already a fully realised world. All the characters are brilliant too, as you would expect from a joss whedon creation. I don’t know what kind of sci-fi you like so I don’t know how to best sell this to you. But you should definitely give it a try!

  1. Thank you! It sounds good and I’ll check it out. I am more of an Twin Peaks type of fellow, but I did get sucked into (and watched all of) Battlestar Galactica. <<>>

    1. Well, you know I love Twin Peaks! But funny I never did watch BG, despite it being heavily recommended to me. It was aired during one of those times in my life when I didn’t have a t.v, so that accounts in part for why i never got into it. Sci-fi shows can be so touch and go. I saw some of Andromeda for the first time yesterday and couldn’t get over how awful it was!

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