New Girl Embroidery Portrait – Zooey Deschanel

Can you recognise these goofy baby blues? If you stick around this funny girl just might sing to you ;-)

This new TV comedy features a very ‘adorkable’ lead star. Yes sirree! I think Zooey Deschanel has finally found her niche!

‘Adorkable’ Jess Day ! Zooey Deschanel -New Girl-

After a kinda ‘hit and miss’ movie career so far, finally Ms Deschanel has found her calling as geeky girl house mate Jessica Day in New Girl. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a try. It completely won me over, because its humour is a slightly silly self depreciating one. It’s not mean spirited or cynical,but rather embarrassing and sweet.  And it celebrates oddness. In a culture where girls can only be funny if the are ‘unattractive’ or bitchy,  Zooey’s character Jess is pretty, eccentric,  and a doofus.

9 thoughts on “New Girl Embroidery Portrait – Zooey Deschanel

  1. I wasn’t sure about this show at first, but now I totatly get it. I admire your talents and your latest piece is pretty deadly!

  2. I love this embroidery and love the character Jess, on New Girl. I just discovered your blog, heaps of seriously cool stuff, love the 80s fabric for embroidery too. Looking forward to following :)

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