On Feeling Stitchy and Flickr groups

One of my greatest embroidery ambitions happened this weekend:

My pattern featured on my favourite embroidery blog Feeling Stitchy!

My Rabbit Hearted Girl featured on Feeling Stitchy!

I love the Feeling Stitchy monthly stitch-a-longs (only wish I had the time to do them all) and their fabulous online embroidery resources too. I get so much inspiration from the impressive embroidery artists they showcase from all around the web that it truly is an honour to have made it on to their pages. Very proud to call myself ‘feeling stitchy famous’ today! Hee hee!

But that wasn’t the only embroidery ambition I saw realised! This weekend for the first time a fellow embroidery fan, Jenny of  One.2.Stitcheroo , posted images of her amazing work with my with my Wizard of Oz patterns. I’m so thrilled that she’s happy to share these! I really love how she’s personalised them with her favourite quotes!

This all prompted me to create a flickr group where anyone who has stitched up one of my designs can come to show off what they’ve made. I can’t wait to see your work! Join the fun here-  


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