Mid-Century Girls embroidery pattern set

Three mid-century style girls now available as an embroidery pattern set. See them in my etsy shop here.

These were among the very first embroidery designs I ever created. Inspired by vintage 1950’s Hollywood glamour and hair styles, I imagined them as a Hitchcock blonde, elfin brunette  Hepburn, and a red-headed Lucille, with Lolita’s sunglasses! I stitched up a set of mini- 3in hoops featuring these ladies, and they sold well at the Pop-up shop earlier in the summer with Lucy  the last one  still available.  (Click on the image for to go to her Etsy shop listing)

Now you can create your own! The pattern includes two size options, mini (to fit 3-4 inch hoop) and  maxi (fits 6 inch hoop.) Stitch them up in lots of different colours, they will look stunning with different hair shades and skin tones! Perfect for embellishing aprons, tea towels, pillows, or for making pretty wall art. I can’t wait to see what you make with them :-) Pattern set available here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/110159977/mid-century-girls-embroidery-pattern-set

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