Audrey Hepburn commission

I recently completed this Audrey Hepburn portrait embroidery  (that’s why I needed the Sulky transfer pen!  ;-) )

It was commissioned by local print and sculptural artist Stephen Lewis, who proposed the source image below , with my only ‘brief’ being to pare it down to is simplest essence. I love experimenting with my embroidery, trying out new techniques and making each new work I take on a little different from the last.  I loved this image straight away, and knew I wanted to create something striking using a graphic image in only one colour, on a very traditional Osnaburg background.

I’ve found Osnaburg tricky to work with previously, and I was worried that for such a small piece (less than 4″ in diameter) that I would lose detail in the open weave fabric. And with that thought in mind I stitched two versions, the second one is more ‘zoomed’ in on her face.

Audrey V2 – close crop  face only. Seems bigger, but exactly the same size as V1

In the end I prefered the first version better, compositionally it seems more complete. And the tiny filling stitches were actually a joy to work on this fabric. I can’t wait to see how Steve will use it. He likes to incorporate ‘found’ pieces from different crafts into his installation sculptures and he’s been very mysterious to date ;-) I’ll be sure to tell you more when Steve’s work nears competition ! In the meantime you can find Steve and friends at Red Hut Studio Falcarragh (Donegal), and you can check out some of his own work here in: Steve’s Gallery.

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