Eighties Embroidery Pattern – Fabric design Contest !

This week I entered Spoonflower’s first ever embroidery pattern design contest! How perfect is that? My love of fabric design and embroidery together in one place and with an 80’s theme! Man, this competition had my name all over it. So If you voted for me it’s time to cash in that promise of a hug, because I made it into the contest TOP 10!!

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. This is the first time I’ve rated anywhere in the Spoonflower weekly fabric contests, and it means so much to me to have finally made it on to ‘the winner’s circle’ with this 80’s themed embroidery fabric design. I mean its fabric and embroidery design in one, my two great loves! It really makes me feel like I’m doing something right, and that maybe this really is ‘my thing’. :-)  I came 6th, and for a first time position, that’s not too shabby!! So thank you all for your support and for voting, I couldn’t have got there without you! xx

80's embroidery fabric- preview

You don’t win a prize for making it into the Top Ten, but you do get some lovely photos of your fabric (now on sale ;-) ) and my design will appear in the Top Ten on the contest home page for 7 days until they announce the winners of next week’s design competition.

hearts 80s embroidery pattern

Here’s a little recap on the inspiration behind the design: I like to think of the name of this pattern as  ‘wired for sound’, after the only Cliff Richard song I ever liked.  The video features walkmans and roller boots heavily and reminds me of being a kid . It’s also inspired by my sister Audrey, telling me her story about her bitter childhood disappointment of not getting the roller boots she really wanted for Christmas ;-)

80s Motifs KD PreviewIf you don’t fancy pre-printed fabric to embroider on, I’ve also made the 80’s Roller Girl designs available as a pdf embroidery pattern set. Available both in my Etsy and Kitschy Digitals store fronts now :)

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  1. Hey, congratulations! #6 is Awesome for a 1st entry; wow! I voted for you, of course. :)

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