Make your own Plush Pumpkins!

I recently found this fantastic stuffed pumpkin tutorial on my friend Danielle Thompson’s lovely blog. Ages ago I had a notion to make some pumpkin cushions but I couldn’t work out how to do it, but this tutorial makes it so simple even a sewing numbskull like me could work it out ;-)

Mini Pumpkins each feature 2 fabric samples from my Happy Halloween Range!

I made these little pumpkins using the samples I have of my Happy Halloween fabrics on Spoonflower and I think it’s a really cute way to show off the range! The key thing to remember is that the fabric for the pumpkin has to be twice as wide as it is tall, so I stitched two samples together to making a rectangle that could become a pumpkin (that’s why you can see two variations of a design on these). I think they worked out really well!

I want to make loads of these pumpkins now!!! I’ll have a whole house full of pumpkins by Halloween :-D These two I made especially for my mum, as a thank you for all the fabric she lets me pinch from her stash when I need embroidery backgrounds :-) Hope she likes them.

pumpkins 2

I was particularly fond of the orange one. For me this is just what a pumpkin should look like!

pumpkins 2

Thanks so much for the inspiration Danielle!

5 thoughts on “Make your own Plush Pumpkins!

  1. Love this! We are on the same wave length as I have been working on a couple of other pumpkin patterns for different fabric sections on the pumpkin. I can add this to my collection. Your fabric looks fantastic made up into those cute little ‘punkins’.

  2. Sorry for taking aaaages to reply! Thanks for linking to it! I don’t mind at all! It’s nice that someone will get the chance to look at it after all my work. Thank you again for all of your contributions! x

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