Twin Peaks Fabrics updated

A little while ago I ordered  some of my Cooper in  the Redroom fabric using Etsy’s free fat quarter promotion with Spoonflower. I haven’t had any of this fabric since Spoonflower changed over  to their new printing system and fabrics, and I’d no idea what a difference this could make to some of my designs. In this case I was sadly disappointed! The rich bright red had become dull, dark and lifeless. I was gutted!

Original version on right – disapointed with new print process on left

It seems Spoonflower’s new printing system has greatly effected the reds and the teal colours in my Twin Peaks range prompting me to update my designs so they print out more like how I intended. I’ve updated Cooper now and the fabric is almost as vivid as it was.  You can see it here. I’ve made a few little tweaks and changes across the range including adding tiny polka dots to the Lets Rock fabrics, and adding a hint of colour to the eyes and lips of Laura!  All original versions are on the left, with updates shown on the right. Notice how differently the teal now prints out.

In addition I’ve created a brand new design featuring Audrey Horne on a gingham background, repeat will be smaller than shown  on the fabric for sale (approximately quarter the size). You might recognise the image as it’s inspired by my embroidery portrait of her here

The complete range now looks like this and you can find it here: Twin Peaks Inspired by Cherry and Cinnamon

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