International Women’s Day Exhibition Derry March 2013

Just a little reminder that the International Women’s day exhibition I created these embroidered portraits for opens this week.

Album art project- Bridgeen Gillespoe

Women as Cultural Creators is a multimedia exhibition by ‘Derry Women Artists Alliance‘ and ‘Inishowen Rural Arts Network‘ and it runs from 8th to 21st March 2013 in Eden Place Arts Centre, Pilot’s Row, Rossville Street, Derry ~ Londonderry.

iwd 2013 invite- Derry

I was thrilled to find my artwork adorning the invite. (Above.) The show opens on Friday 8th March   6.30pm, when there will be entertainment from local writers and musicians as well as  a launch of the DVD ‘Maiden Voices‘ featuring women’s stories, hopes and dreams.  All are welcome , it would be great to see you there! 

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