Some Thoughts on Thought Bubble 2013

So this year I finally went to Thought Bubble as an exhibitor, it was something of an experiment. It’s been three years since I last exhibited at a comic con, makes sense as I don’t make comics anymore. However I do still consider myself an illustrator and I still have strong ties to the comic world. Never exhibiting at this event I so thoroughly enjoyed as a punter would have been a lasting regret. So with trepidation I went to Thought Bubble thinking I may never do an event like this again… but I left Thought Bubble wondering how I could do something like this again ?!

Cherry and Cinnamon embroidered illustration at Thought Bubble_photo by Kim Searle

Photo Courtesy of Kim Searle

What changed my mind were the women and girls who came to speak to me on my table, enthused about my work and told me how great it was to see stuff like this amid a comic convention. I felt the Twin Peaks love, and I enjoyed people wanting to touch the embroideries and tell me about their favourites. I was bowled over by the ladies who’d come to see me especially, and knew me by my blog and finding my work out there on the interwubs. I enjoyed crafty chats about fabric design and embroidery, and about comics and geek culture in general.

This little babies sold out!

Custom fabric pincushions: These babies sold out!

I also enjoyed chatting with all the female cos-players who stopped by too. I loved how many (little) girls there were cos-playing as guys (because that’s what I would want to do!) I met Tony Stark, Dr Who, Sherlock, & Castiel – all girls! Although my favourite cos-playing lady was beyond gender as Toothless the dragon! What a cutie!

Toothless the Dragon cosplayer at Thought Bubble 2013_

My table buddy Alan, who’s known me since my first con, and I marvelled at my new female audience.  Sometimes comics can be a bit a of ‘boy’s club’ but at TB there is a strong female presence in exhibitors and attendees (owing in no small part I’m sure to the awesome female organisers). I left feeling that maybe it is worth my exhibiting at comic cons in future. That I have some small duty to ‘represent’ in this world as some kind of senior lady geek LOL! I have never had female fans before. I got home to an email from a self professed ‘fan girl’ – a student wanting to interview me for her coursework because my ‘Teen Queen’ embroideries had inspired her to stitch. Frankly folks, right now I feel like some kind of a hero.

Cherry and Cinnamon embroidery art cards -Thought Bubble 2013- photo by Kim Searle

Photo Courtesy of Kim Searle

So I want to say thank you to all the ladies who came to say hello- you made my day in more ways than you can know. Props to Elli Sister Twisty, Kim Searle (who took great pics!), Emma and Tara , the Tin Kid, and Sally Shiney Stars go visit their sites and show them some love. And to all the lovely guys who came and admired my work and bought custom fabric pincushions, badges and cards, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys give me hope that textiles aren’t just ‘for girls’. To all my long time comic buddies and ‘fan boys’ damn it was good to see you (Happy birthday Paul!) And finally to my ‘support team’ and creative brothers in arms Gary Millidge and Alan Nolan! Dudes, you really looked after me- Big Love. Thanks for helping to ease a reformed hermit into exhibiting again.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Searle

Photo Courtesy of Kim Searle

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  1. It was really nice to see you again Bridgeen!! Sorry I didnt get back on Sunday-I wanted to get a Twin Peaks cushion- but ended up spending too long in a queue. Glad you enjoyed the weekend!!

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