Crafty Magazine issue 9- Chic Shisha

I am super hyped for the next issue of Crafty Magazine because it features an interview with the embroidery artist  Michele Carragher of HBO’s hit fantasy TV show GAME OF THRONES which in case you didn’t know- I’m a huge fan of.  That’s both the embroidery and the show!  Go check out Michele’s website immediately to see why. (This won’t be the last you’ll hear on this subject from me…so keep an eye on future posts).

Game of Thrones Embroidery - Michelle Carragher (C) MCE-HBO 2013

I’m also stoked to tell you one of my favourite tutorials is appearing in this issue- I’ll be showing you how to embellish shop bought tote bags with shisha stitching, something I’ve always wanted to have a go at.

Bridgeen Gillespie-Shisha project- Crafty Mag Issue 9 DEC 2013

And If you’re anything like me you’ll want to stitch tiny shining mirrors on everything after trying this eye-catching technique. Check out the mirrored eyes in this skull bag:

Shisha Mirror Embroidery -skull bag-Bridgeen Gillespie

One of the things I like best about Crafty Mag is that there is always a lovely cross selection of different crafts to sample and I’m looking forwards to seeing more from paper curling artist Yulia Brodskaya. Isn’t this work stunning?

Yulia Brodskaya_Joy- crafty magazine issue 9 Dec 13
Yulia Brodskaya_Joy- crafty magazine issue 9 Dec 13

So look out for the next issue of Crafty  (issue 9 out Dec 5th) here’s the cover so you know what you are looking for.

Crafty Issue 9 cover project Sarah Fordham

P.S IF you’ve ever stitched up one of my patterns or projects in Crafty magazine, I’d love to hear about it. Get in touch and show me your photos and maybe I can share them here :)

5 thoughts on “Crafty Magazine issue 9- Chic Shisha

  1. I love this work. I had no idea there would be a call for actually hand work. I guess I nievely thought it would all be machine work. I love, love, love. I want to do that!

  2. I followed your advice and checked out Michelle’s website…AMAZING. I am totally obsessed. I love the GoT books and show and I think it’s so cool that they took the time to make the embroidery so elaborate. I think I’ll have to get the digital edition of this issue of Crafty (expensive to get the paper in the USA). I’d like to try your shisha tutorial too!

  3. That’s so great ! Thanks for your comment :) I’m glad to have shared the GOT embroidery love ! I’d love to hear about it if you do try out my shisha tutorial- it can be tricky to get your head round at first but now I kinda want to do it on everything, lol .x

  4. I have an amazing vintage velvet tunic (used to be my mom’s) that has shisha embroidery on it. I always thought it looked so cool, so it would be pretty neat to know how to do it myself!

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