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Neil Gaiman’s Sandman will always be close to my heart. Delirium was possibly my favourite of the Endless, or at least as the little sister, the one I related to the most! I was invited to submit a comics themed xmassy piece to Orbital Comics Advent Calendar Gallery by fab organiser Wayne and Delirium (who was once Delight) with christmas antlers just sprung to mind as a good image to represent benign chrismas madness.

christmas commission Obital comics

Entirely hand stitched from my own drawing, she took two or three days to complete.

Tiniest christmas pud ever!
World’s tiniest Xmas Pud!

I really enjoyed putting lots of different texture in her crazy hair to make the piece really pop. Also I couldn’t help squeezing a bit of twinkle in with Krenik metallics, in her eyes, antlers and snowflake sparkles – work in progress pic below.

Delirium embroidery wip close up

The finished piece was taken out of the hoop and mounted on a tiny 4 x 5.5 inch canvas to meet the Gallery’s requirements.

Delirium of Endless -hand embroidery

It’s not often I completely fall in love with a piece that I’m working on, but Del here just came straight from the heart, no reference pics, nothing. I sketched her up on the bus on my way home from Thought Bubble. There was a lot of joy that went into stitching this little lovely, including all the buzz and good will I felt after doing my first comic con in years. It’s no wonder she turned out a little jewel :) ¬†Look out for more work in progress pics in my flickr pool coming soon.

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