Back to the 90’s – As if!

I confess, I’m a little bit 90’s obsessed and recently I was lucky enough to participate in a private embroidery swap which allowed me to indulge my 90’s nostalgia while making something my swap partner would hopefully get a kick out of.

Paul Rudd- Clueless portrait- 90s nostalgia

I hope you’ll recognise this guy as Paul Rudd, (or Josh,  Cher’s love interest in 90’s movie classic Clueless). I wanted to give the impression of a denim jacket patch or a drawing you might pin-up in your locker. Real heart-throb doodling in the back of your exercise book stuff , lol.

Clueless Paul Rudd- detail

I opted to use a post Clueless pic of the actor though, as I was worried he wouldn’t be distinct enough in this small piece- (where I was hoping hair and general demeanour would tell you who this is) the piece is only 5.5 x7.5 inches tall.

Look how complicated this  little piece is- those shadows where a head wreck!
Lots of complicated little shadows – dark areas marked with an ‘X’ comic inker style

I figured the pink back ground and Cher’s retort of choice “As If!” would clearly nod towards the movie.

As if DETAIL - clueless

My swap partner is a fellow stitcher I’ve been a fan of for some time, Jessica Kelly of Paper Stitch fame. And if you’d like to see what I got in return you can head on over HERE to see what she made me .

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