Illustration- Self Portraits

I’ve been busy stitching since the start of 2014 and soon I’ll be able to reveal what I’ve been working on. In the meantime I wanted to share my illustrated self portraits with you. They’ve previously featured on my ‘About me‘ page and as an illustrator I felt a self-portrait illustration rather than a photo was kinda appropriate. It’s been a while since I’ve done one (I lost my hair mojo last year) but I think it might be time for a new one soon…

Bridgeen cherryandcinnamon- self portrait illustration pixie crop

I create these illustrations by digitally drawing over my own photographs with a Wacom tablet. I use Illustrator for drawing, it gives me a nice clean line that I try to mimic a brush pen with and has the added benefit of being vector art, and therefore scale-able.

Bridgeen-cherry and cinnamon - self portrait illustration Black hair

The colour and backgrounds I add in Photoshop, using a combination of techniques; block colour (‘flats’), hand painted details and shading, and an additional textured layer as a background. I like to sample colours from the original photos they are based on as a starting point too.

CherryandCinnamon self portraits

Note the two very different colour ways – influenced by my hair colour in both cases. During my ash blonde pixie crop phase I wore a lot of pale greenish blues and greys, while my dark ‘Amelie’ bob called for stronger colours and really popped against yellow. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about branding and image, I may be due an overhaul! I have very copper-red hair now, so I can move between these palettes, and it’s making me want to change the colour of everything, including my blog!

embroidered self portrait and business cards- cherry and cinnamon

I’m a bit bored of this portrait now, and of all the pale blues and greys. I used it for branding on business cards and I even embroidered it for an exhibition but  NOW I think it’s time for a new me.

3 thoughts on “Illustration- Self Portraits

  1. While I love the blonde one, there’s something so sweet and cute about the dark haired one. And I cannot wait to see a red-haired version! I love that you have various illustrated snapshots of your different styles.
    I have always loved drawing in illustrator, but never got the hang of digital painting with Photoshop. Your photoshop coloring is really lovely!

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