Angels in Trenchcoats

Another idea I am tinkering with at the moment involves Angels in Trench coats. It’s a bit of a personal theme for me this one. In Supernatural, Castiel is a perfect example. And it wouldn’t surprise me if his look is based on the angels of Wim Wender’s ‘Wing’s of Desire,’ (which I consider to be the originator of this theme). I drew this sketch of Castiel in the summer and I really liked it.

My Castiel sketch

I drew various Cas sketches in fact in an effort to exercise my minor obsession, lol. However, the idea still haunts me and I was inspired to create a small collection of cards featuring other angels in trench coats. I have three pretty firm candidates, Castiel (obviously), Peter Falk (watch Wings of Desire), and Agent Cooper, who is an agent of good in TP and arguably exists to deliver souls like Laura’s out of evil (see the end of FWWM in particular), he also looks “Damn Fine” in a trench coat. But who should my 4th Angel be?

I feel certain that the set needs 4 to be complete. I don’t mind the interpretation of ‘angel’ being loose, at the end of the day they are all angels to those in need. But one thing I definitely would like them to have is an actual trench coat, not a Great coat or a Duster or a Bad Ass Long Coat. Only a simple Trench coat will suffice. Also they have to be a character that has appeared in live action, (despite the fact that there are many angels from comics), to keep the style of the artwork consistent across the set of cards.

Some suggestions that have been made to me so far include:

  • Connor MacLeod (The original Highlander, and I’m quite partial to this idea)
  • Marv, From Sin City (not completely sold on this, and it needs to be Marv from the movie)
  • John Constantine (But it would have to be John from the movie, and how could Keanu ever be Constantine?)
  • Angel (From Buffy etc, he’s clearly ‘an angel’, but did he have a trench coat?)

So you can see my dilemma. The one suggestion I’m completely disregarding is Nicolas Cage, ok? (I can’t bear City of Angels, the god-awful U.S re-make of Wings of Desire. If it’s the only version you’ve seen, shame on you! Go watch the original immediately)

Now’s your chance to comment! I look forwards to hearing your suggestions ;-)