Firefly embroidery patterns

Firefly set etsy PreviewSo, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a little bit of a Brown Coat ;-) For those not in the know, that means I love Joss Whedon’s  ‘cancelled before it’s time’ cult series Firefly. There are only 14 precious episodes, but I promise you’ll care about every single character!  Here’s a sneaky preview of the other patterns in the set, they all fit an 8in hoop, except for Hero of Canton (above) which fits a 6in hoop perfectly.

Firefly pattern set

Firefly’s futuristic, yet old timey ‘Western’ world is the perfect inspiration for some retro geeky crafting. Notice how Kaylee here looks almost like a vintage embroidery design in her pink fluffy dress? And Inara’s portrait could almost be a cameo? The motivational ‘No Power in the ‘Verse can stop me’ wall hanging design is inspired by the episode War Games- including Jayne’s apples, and features a border pattern modelled on the floral/vine stencilling from Serenity’s kitchen!  And now with these patterns you can stitch up your own tribute to Jayne’s hat. Go on, You know you want to! You can find the Firefly / Serenity embroidery pattern set in my etsy shop  - here

I’d love to know what you think of these designs and look forwards to your comments. I’ve a feeling this won’t be the last of my Firefly output!

Twin Peaks Button Badge Designs

I love badges (pin back buttons to U.S readers) and I’ve wanted to make these for so long!

Twin Peaks Button Badge set by cherry and cinnamonI thought some of the graphics I created for the TwinPeaks fabrics range would translate  well onto button/ badges. What do you think?

badges beauty shot

These are a limited edition run of 100 badges , sold in sets of four (pictured).  A subtle way to show your Twin Peaks love . ( These babies are now Sold out! )

New Girl Embroidery Portrait – Zooey Deschanel

Can you recognise these goofy baby blues? If you stick around this funny girl just might sing to you ;-)

This new TV comedy features a very ‘adorkable’ lead star. Yes sirree! I think Zooey Deschanel has finally found her niche!

‘Adorkable’ Jess Day ! Zooey Deschanel -New Girl-

After a kinda ‘hit and miss’ movie career so far, finally Ms Deschanel has found her calling as geeky girl house mate Jessica Day in New Girl. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a try. It completely won me over, because its humour is a slightly silly self depreciating one. It’s not mean spirited or cynical,but rather embarrassing and sweet.  And it celebrates oddness. In a culture where girls can only be funny if the are ‘unattractive’ or bitchy,  Zooey’s character Jess is pretty, eccentric,  and a doofus.

Audrey Horne: Embroidery Portrait

The eye’s have it! Can you recognise this femme fatale from her eyes alone? (Hint hint, she always gets what she wants ;-) )

If you follow me on Twitter you may have had a sneaky glimpse at my first new portrait as a WIP. I’ll be posting more  work in progress photos as I create this  new set for exhibition. This series features some of my favourite ladies from cult TV and movies, and I’m letting my inner fan girl run riot. So have you guessed who she is yet?

Twin Peak’s very own Audrey Horne

Yes of course, it’s Twin Peak’s very own Audrey Horne (as played by Sherilyn Fenn). I’m thrilled to be showing this new series of textile portraits in the excellent Lass O’Gowrie theatre pub in Manchester.  The Lass is just a little bit special for me as I have fond memories of some comic meet-ups there with some of finest folk in the UK small press!! You can check out their programme of alternative events HERE

TWIN PEAKS: Double R Diner & Cherry Pie fabrics available now

I’m pleased to announce my latest Twin Peaks fabrics are now available through Spoonflower. Inspired by the Double R Diner and Coop’s love of Cherry Pie, you can see the complete range here: Twin Peaks Inspired fabrics by Cherry and Cinnamon
They feature the Double R Diner logo on coffee cups, cherry pie slices:

And proving that Cherry pie isn’t always cute one fabric features cherry pie with a mysterious splatter, is that pie spill or something else? I also made a cherry pie filling fabric- a little less obvious and a lot more sinister, for those who like their Twin Peaks creepy!
I’d just like to thank my Twin Peaks quilter Jess for spurring me on, and for all of you out there who got excited by these designs: I wanna see those 50′s dresses!!!! Seriously though, I can’t wait to see what you make!

Kitschy Catwoman Embroidery

I managed to squeeze in a little sewing time this weekend because I just had to get this idea out of my head, off paper and into stitches. I’ve been thinking of all things cute, kitschy and cheesecake. Out of the blue it dawned on me that superhero girls are just geek pin- ups!

What perfect subject matter for stitching? They express my comic and glamour interests combined?

So here for your amusement is my kitschy catwoman original 3 in embroidery:

Twin Peaks Fabrics now available!

My Twin Peaks Samples have arrived!

I’ve been busting to show you these and here they are at last! This is my range of Twin Peaks themed fabrics I’ve designed. Last summer on its 20th anniversary, I watched the entirety of Twin Peaks on DVD while hand sewing my very first quilt. I found the show so atmospheric and full imagery that I was inspired to create some fabrics themed around it. I’ve made a selection of striking larger patterns featuring portraits of Laura and Coop, and the dancing man, and some basics to work with them as co-ordinates like the Black Lodge floor (in two sizes, and one with blood splatter and one without), and the ‘Let’s Rock’ text only fabric.

Cooper in the Black Lodge fabric (detail)

I have loads of ideas for more fabrics in this set, and I plan to add to them over time. In the meanwhile, I figured I’d make these available on Spoonflower. I can’t wait to see what you make with them!

The Twin Peaks Range, so far!

Agent Cooper, angel in a trench coat

Today I’ve been working the next instalment of my ‘Angels in Trench coats’ series. I’ve opted for Agent Dale Cooper, of Twin Peaks this time (portrayed by a young Kyle McLaughlin). While not of divine origin, Agent Cooper is metaphorically speaking the angel of Twin Peaks. Called upon in times of need he comes to deliver justice to the brutally murdered and to speed their souls on to deliverance (see the ending of Fire Walk With Me). Dale is an esoteric and philosophical character who promotes ideals of love, morality, integrity and intuition. That makes him angel enough me for me…

Angel in a Trench Coat, Dale Cooper, Patron Saint of Damn Fine Coffee

Angel in a Trench Coat, Dale Cooper, Patron Saint of Damn Fine Coffee

So there you go. I’ll leave you with this video of clips of Audrey and Dale, the romance that never was….

Angels in Trenchcoats

Another idea I am tinkering with at the moment involves Angels in Trench coats. It’s a bit of a personal theme for me this one. In Supernatural, Castiel is a perfect example. And it wouldn’t surprise me if his look is based on the angels of Wim Wender’s ‘Wing’s of Desire,’ (which I consider to be the originator of this theme). I drew this sketch of Castiel in the summer and I really liked it.

My Castiel sketch

I drew various Cas sketches in fact in an effort to exercise my minor obsession, lol. However, the idea still haunts me and I was inspired to create a small collection of cards featuring other angels in trench coats. I have three pretty firm candidates, Castiel (obviously), Peter Falk (watch Wings of Desire), and Agent Cooper, who is an agent of good in TP and arguably exists to deliver souls like Laura’s out of evil (see the end of FWWM in particular), he also looks “Damn Fine” in a trench coat. But who should my 4th Angel be?

I feel certain that the set needs 4 to be complete. I don’t mind the interpretation of ‘angel’ being loose, at the end of the day they are all angels to those in need. But one thing I definitely would like them to have is an actual trench coat, not a Great coat or a Duster or a Bad Ass Long Coat. Only a simple Trench coat will suffice. Also they have to be a character that has appeared in live action, (despite the fact that there are many angels from comics), to keep the style of the artwork consistent across the set of cards.

Some suggestions that have been made to me so far include:

  • Connor MacLeod (The original Highlander, and I’m quite partial to this idea)
  • Marv, From Sin City (not completely sold on this, and it needs to be Marv from the movie)
  • John Constantine (But it would have to be John from the movie, and how could Keanu ever be Constantine?)
  • Angel (From Buffy etc, he’s clearly ‘an angel’, but did he have a trench coat?)

So you can see my dilemma. The one suggestion I’m completely disregarding is Nicolas Cage, ok? (I can’t bear City of Angels, the god-awful U.S re-make of Wings of Desire. If it’s the only version you’ve seen, shame on you! Go watch the original immediately)

Now’s your chance to comment! I look forwards to hearing your suggestions ;-)

Digital drawings: Faux Blondie

Recently I found my self inspired by some photos I stumbled across on facebook. They were these fantastic shots from the 1980’s, mostly but not exclusively, in black and white and featuring famous bands, performers and creative types.  I loved the 80’s alternative and gothy ascetics that were so pervasive in my older sibling’s comics and music collections. It always seemed impossibly cool to me , so I was thrilled to see these photographs  from the actual time (and not some reinvented version of the 80’s that have been recycled in fashion for long.)

Videodrome portrait copywrite of Steve Cook

I loved them so much I made contact with the artist and asked if I could take a shot at producing a digital drawing based on his work, to which he kindly said yes. The artist in question is none other than Steven Cook, who as it turns out, is an influential  cover designer for British comic 2000AD, and logo designer for DC and Vertigo comic lines. He’s also an avid photographer and digital artist. His photos from the 70’s to the 90’s of the UK music and T.V scenes are little jewels, but it’s his personal work with friends and models that really shine. They are often theatrical and stagey; fantastical portraits of unreal people, alternative versions of themselves in a parallel dimension.

Faux Blondie

Faux Blondie,Illustration based on a photo by Steve Cook

More recently Steve embraced the digital age and produced some stunning digital collages using vintage photographs and mixing them with elements of his own photos to produce the ‘Alternity’ dimension. This is a world where anything can and will happen, in old black and white photos spacemen are found by children on the beach, Elvis is shown alive and well as an old man in South London, and some half glimpsed sea monster’s tentacles reach for bathers on the shore. Oh, and Andy Warhol has a night in with TV and his cat.

I can’t recommend  Steve’s work enough. If you are into strange portraits of the weird and wonderful, then this one’s for you